Monday, August 24, 2009

Raleigh Temple

Hey everybody,
How is it going? I am doing pretty good out here in North Carolina. Today is the first day of my second transfer and two months since I entered into the MTC. It's pretty crazy, the time has flown fast.
Well, the work out here on the Island is still going well. There is a good number of part-member families that we are looking forward to being able to work with. One of them, Chuck and Nannie W, accepted our invitation to hear the lessons. Chuck is a great guy and we're excited to be able to teach him. As for our current investigators, Margaret is still progressing. We taught her the Word of Wisdom and she shouldn't have a problem with it, she only drinks tea every once in a while. She's a real nice lady who's had a lot of hard times. She taught English for about 20 years, so many of the ward members have had her as a teacher. Supposedly she was one of those strict crazy teachers then, but she has definitely been mellowed out. She went through a divorce and her son, who still lives with her, has been in and out of jail and has caused her a lot of stress. It's good to be able to teach her, it's bringing her the peace that she needs. Bob has been out of town, so we will meet up with him and see how things have gone for him. Raisa is a good, smart lady, but she's kind of difficult to meet up with. Jerry is progressing slowly but surely. He still doesn't want to give up his coffee, but he listens to what we teach him.
This last week we were fortunate enough to go to the Raleigh temple in Apex, about 4 hours away. It was nice to feel the spiritual peace and comfort that comes from it. We also got to play some basketball with the ward, which is the first time I've been able to do that in 2 months. I loved it. As far as the weather has been, it's been pretty hot. We have a car half of the time, but we bike a lot.
So Mom, you ordered Strengthened By the Storm? I am pretty jealous, I don't have it and wish I was able to read it. There's a lot of history around here that I would like to learn about...So Dad's the new activities committee chairman huh?...Are there any full-time missionaries in the ward? You're pretty lucky to be able to have Derek and Brianne and Easton staying with you, I'm not gonna lie. Thanks for the items from Bro. Bott's book, I love getting those and reading his amazing advice.
Now I have a couple requests. First, for some reason I threw away that article about Elder Oslund, the baseball player. Could you send it to me again? It's possible that he might be in my district, I know for a fact that Elder Stanfield in New Bern is training one of the six (I think) incoming missionaries. Second, I would appreciate it if you would send me a talk by Bruce R. McConkie called "What think ye of salvation by grace?", Elder S told me it was an awesome talk. Lastly, my study desk is pretty bare, so if you would send me something to adorn it (i.e. a spiritual picture) that would be swell. That last request is the least important, I would really appreciate it if I got the first two. So that's the end of my wish list. Keep me informed on the interesting things that are going on, I love you all.

Elder Casper

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