Saturday, March 5, 2011

New Area

Hey everyone,

Well, this week has been good! Let me tell you about my week and transfer:

"I was a little surprised to get transferred to Wilson with Elder Brady, but I'm happy with it. I think I'm going to really love it here in Wilson. I've already learned a lot about serving others from Elder Brady. I think we will be a good match for each other.

We have some good things going on here in Wilson. No investigators with a baptismal date, but a lot of work to do and some good investigators.

We taught Bro. B. He's pretty involved in another church, but he's interested in finding out if the Book of Mormon is true. Not sure how interested he is, but according to Elder Brady he's come a long way. We'll keep teaching him and see where it goes.

This week the Spanish elders were at Wal-Mart and talked to two girls who go to Barton College named L and A. They wanted to go to church, so the elders gave them the address of the church. They showed up at church! We taught them the same day and we have a return appointment with them for this Tuesday. They seem very promising, almost too good to be true. L loves to drink coffee, but that's the only concern we know of so far. We'll see what happens...

So, my new companion is Elder Garn Brady from Baker City, OR. He's a really good guy. He's got some health problems, but he's served a really good mission. He's been out for about 19 months now. Old companionship, huh? His dad owns a drive-in restaurant in Baker called Burger Bob's. He's been here in Wilson for 4 months already, so I wouldn't be surprised if we only end up being together for six weeks. You never know, though. I like Wilson a lot, too.

I was hoping to get transferred to the Triangle (the Raleigh area) because I haven't served there at all on my mission, but I'm all right with Wilson. Wilson is in the Goldsboro zone, and we're going to Goldsboro on Thursday for interviews with the President. It's the first time I've ever got to return to one of my old areas, I'm sure it'll bring back lots of good memories. Wilson reminds me of Goldsboro, except it's a little bigger (~ 50,000 people) and a little nicer. I like the ward here already, and I'm really excited to serve here.

This week in my study I realized something. I've been speed reading too much in my studies, and I think it's hindering my ability to feel spiritual promptings. So I'm trying to slow down and digest what I read a little better...

And speaking of my new address, I was wondering if you could order something for me! The church just released the film "Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration" (which was really awesome!) on a set of DVDs called "Doctrine and Covenants Visual Resources DVD's". The item number in the catalog is 08042. It's only like $5 and has a ton of really good stuff on it. In fact, I would recommend you get a copy for yourself.

I had a couple of questions from the Book of Matthew that I wanted your input on. First, Matt 5:10-12 says something to the effect that you are blessed when people persecute, revile, and say all manner of evil against you falsely, for the Lord. How can that be a blessing? D&C 122 says bad things that happen to you will give you experience and be for your good. Do you have any other input on that? I also read in Matt 18:12-13 that a man will leave the ninety-and-nine sheep to go after the lost sheep, and then rejoice more over that than the 99. I wondered why that was, but then I realized it must mean that he has a lot of love for that sheep. What do you think?

Well, please tell everyone hi for me. Thank you so much for all the support and help you have given me. I know the gospel is true. Have a good week!

Elder Casper