Monday, August 10, 2009

North Carolina Wildlife Edition

Hey everyone,

Wow, I must say each week seems to fly by really fast. It doesn't seem that long ago since I left the MTC and came here to North Carolina, but it's already been 4 weeks. Todd, you were right, my old life does seem like a dream, and it seems like it was forever ago. But the time is still flying by.

Well, this last week we were able to do a lot more finding, because we didn't have to worry about the whole 'moving into a new trailer' thing. It was nice. It's warmed up a little bit, but we haven't had a bad combination of heat and humidity YET. I've heard that Washington was hit with a pretty bad heat wave. Does that include the east side? Details please!

We've been working on the two stubborn old men. Bob is coming along, he wants his son to baptize him but I'm not sure that his son is going to be able to. He is trying to live the Word of Wisdom and we taught him how to pray. I think that's where his real problem is, he's never really learned to and thus has felt uncomfortable doing it. Jerry is a pretty smart guy who knows a pretty good amount about the church. He doesn't want to give up his coffee. We've been pretty bold with him though, and his heart seems to soften a little more each time we teach him. Margaret was out of town this last week, but she's pretty golden. We'll see what happens.

The really exciting thing that happened was that Raisa came to church! She showed up and realized that she had a lot of friends there. She really felt the Spirit throughout the different meetings, not like the other church she went to where the people were shouting (probably some Pentecostal Holiness church). I was on exchanges in Havelock earlier in the week and was able to get a Ukrainian Book of Mormon, and she started crying when we gave it to her. She fit right in, and I am so excited to keep teaching her. If she doesn't get baptized I am going to be sorely disappointed! Ha ha, she even volunteered for an assignment in Relief Society! She certainly doesn't feel like she doesn't belong there.

The members here are great. We've been fed almost every night since we've been here. We've been working closely with Bishop N and Bro. G, the ward mission leader. They are definitely doing their best to help the work along, and I'm grateful for that. The Bishop definitely trusts us. He gave us a referral for a lady that he worked with who had read Pres. Hancock's book called Strengthened By The Storm and had asked him for a blessing to help with her back (there's a story in there about how a girl was healed by the first missionaries on the Island). We're pretty excited to be able to teach her too, but we don't really know much about her yet.

I am having my first zone conference this week in Kinston, about 2 hours away. District meeting are in Havelock, a good 45 minutes away. Our district leader is Elder H. He's a good missionary. He actually knew Elder S in high school. I go to the church to send my e-mails. Things are still going well with me and Elder S. He hasn't been "trunky", we're still working hard with one transfer left... I am super glad to be out here, and I hope I addressed everything. I am doing well, and thanks for the letters everyone! I love you all.

Elder Casper

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